Envirotech Monitoring Pty Ltd is a 100% owned and operated Territory business. 

We have over 10 years of providing environmental monitoring systems to Northern Australian clients.

Our aim continues to focus on being a leader in the technical knowledge and operation of environmental instrumentation and to collect environmental data to the highest possible standards.



Austin Brandis (B Tech Mgt)
Founder and Principal

Austin is the Managing Director of Envirotech Monitoring. He has an extensive set of technical skills across an extensive range of areas backed by years of hands on experience. His passion is applying new technology to techniques for environmental measurement.

Dr Tracy Dawes (BSc Hons PhD)
Senior Scientist

A former CSIRO senior research scientist, Tracy is a director of Envirotech. She has over 20 years experience in  scientific experimental design; ecological data collection and analysis; project, laboratory and staff management and report writing.

Cyrus Edwards (BSc MSc)
Senior Scientist

Cyrus has extensive experience in environmental data collection, interpretation and impacts particulary in relation to Mining. His practical skills and abilities coupled with his breadth of general knowledge are reflected in his field expertise.

James Townshend (BSc)

James provides a solid backing to all of the projects undertaken at Envirotech. His can do attitude and flexible skills enables him to undertake many different technical functions critical to delivering projects for clients.

Patrick Doran (BSc PGDip)

Patrick's hands on ability and experience from past environmental roles shows through his logical approach to problems and practical thinking. Patrick provides  assistance across all of the projects undertaken at Envirotech.


Monitoring station control system

Our office and workshop is convieniently located within 10 minutes to Darwin city, East Arm Port, Airport, Charles Darwin University and Palmerston.

Unlike many other businesses involved in environmental data collection, we have full workshop facilities that not only allows us to fabricate monitoring systems but repair or manufacture equipment for field based sampling. On many occasions we have designed and locally fabricated a custom tool or piece of equipment that has helped make remote data sampling easier or safer.



We are also well equiped with field equipment for remote conditions and our kit includes such items as 4WD's, Boats, ATV, handheld meters, multiparameter sondes, grab samplers, accoustic dopplers, dataloggers etc.

Monitoring station control system