Our staff have an extensive breadth of knowldge skills and experience to offer the following key range of services for partners and clients. We specialise in on ground collection and measurement of environmental data particulary in remote locations.


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Filtered metal analysis

We can provide on ground sampling services for both chemical and physical parameters. Measurement of physical parameters (pH, turbidity, temp etc) can be conducted on a spot check basis or continuously via the installation of multiparameter logging probes. 

Physical collection of water samples for laboratory chemical and elemental analysis, can be undertaken via grab samples or automated unattended sampling. We can also take care of sample submission to the laboratory (either your or ours).

Our close relationship with Envirolab services gives us priority access to chemist expertise ensuring samples are stored, handled and preserved to maximise result quality.

Groundwater sampling

We utilise the low flow technique for all our groundwater sampling, and through our custom manufactured groundwater sampling system we have the ability to collect samples to the highest of benchmarks. 

By varying the flow rate and monitoring the live graphical display of SWL and physical parameters we ensure collected samples represent the aquifer and not the stagnant bore casing.

Discrete sample collection

We specialise in the sampling and profiling of reservoirs, pits, lakes and dams. We can profile and continuously log physical parameters in a water body to over 100m of depth. Our 100% teflon kemmerer sampler enables discrete water samples to be collected from any depth for laboratory analysis.

Samples can be collected consistently from the same spatial position through the use of a GPS anchor on our boat.

Gauging with remote controlled Q Boat

Through the use of accoustic doppler equipment and expertise in hydrography we can undertake on ground measurement of creek, river or stream flows, velocities and bottom profiles.




Rating table and gaugings

A rating is a relationship between the measured height of the river and the discharge. Ratings are typically formed for gauging stations where water levels are continuously measured and logged. A rating provides a theoretical or emperical means to know the discharge at any given height.

We have many years of hydrographic experience in developing ratings for channels of all shapes and sizes.

Waste facility moisture monitoring

Dataloggers and remote monitoring stations can generate a significant quantity of data. Efficently managing and getting the information you need out of such volumes of data requires the right tools and skills.

We also provide a data auditing service where automatically logged and telemetred data is checked for erronious or inaccurate data on a routine basis. The output is an Audited and Corrected dataset that can be consumed by multiple parties with confidence without each needing to correct such data each time.

Custom code

Over the years we have built a number of custom software routines for automating data processing, analysis or reporting requirements for our clients. We have over 15 years experience in software programming and are offering these skills towards solving specific problems that cannot be acheived from "off the shelf" software or for clients who do not have such analytical capacity in house.

Macroinvertebrate riffle sampling

Terrestrial and Aquatic invertebrates are often used as indicators of ecosystem health but are also sampled for a variety of other requirements.

We have over 30 years of knowledge, skills and experience in designing, undertaking and reporting on invertebrate sampling programmes. 


Amitermes herbertensis

Multivariate statistical techniques of community composition is one example of where identification of invertebrate taxa is required. We have over 15 years experience in microscope identification of invertebrates as well as the application of methodologies such as AUSRIVAS.

Onsite system training

We offer tailored training programmes on any of our services or monitoring systems. We can undertake one on one through to whole group training covering basic introductory principles through to advanced technical knowledge. All customisable to suit your needs.