Monitoring station control system

We design all systems to suit the demands of the site conditions and to maximise data quality and system longevity.  Gauging, weather, groundwater and dust stations are our speciality but over the years we have designed many custom systems to suit specific client requirements. All systems are manufactured in house and built to operate entirely on solar power and utilise equipment that has provided proven reliability over the years.

All of our systems utilise Campbell Scientific dataloggers at their core which provides endless scope for not only monitoring and logging but also external control of equipment such as pumps or automatic samplers.

Solar pumping and monitoring station

Whilst we build our sites to operate autonomously, just like anything man made they do require routine maintenance to ensure the best quality data are collected and operational logetivity is maximised. We can provide training for those clients who prefer to operate the systems in house but also offer a complete site management service for those clients who would prefer to focus on the yielded data.


We are happy to provide assistance to clients with existing monitoring systems build by other vendors using Campbell Scientific equipment.

Elevated gauging station

Need data realtime or just need to know that the system is operational ? We can add telecommunications to any site and in various forms with the most common being mobile carrier, radio frequency or satellite.

We also offer an online service through where clients can simply access data from remote systems via the web from anywhere in the world.